Dr. Sorin's interests include the medical and surgical management of all adult and pediatric ear, nose and throat disorders, including:

Ear, Dizziness and Balance Disorders

Hearing loss, ear infections and chronic ear disease, cholesteatoma, ear drum perforations, hearing restoration, Eustachian tube dysfunction, Meniere's disease, balance disorders, vertigo, tinnitus, Bell's palsy and other disorders of facial weakness, ear trauma and ear or skull base tumors.


Nose and Sinus Disorders

Primary and revision sinus surgery, recurrent and advanced nasal and sinus infections, allergy evaluation and treatment, nasal polyps, nasal obstruction, nasal septal deviation, sinus headache, advanced techniques in minimally invasive and endoscopic sinus surgery, 3-D image guided sinus surgery and sinus balloon procedures.


Pediatric Conditions

Ear infections, adenoid and tonsil disorders, nasal congestion, obstructive sleep apnea, hearing loss, noisy breathing, speech and swallowing disorders, hoarseness and pediatric cysts and tumors of the head and neck.


Voice and Throat Disorders

Voice abnormalities, hoarseness, throat pain, cough, reflux disease, vocal cord paralysis and swallowing disorders.


Sleep Disorders

Snoring, sleep apnea and sleep disorder breathing.


Head and Neck Conditions

Salivary gland infections, salivary gland tumors, thyroid disorders, oral cavity lesions, lymph nodes, head and neck masses.


Minor surgical procedures that are performed in the office include:

  • Balloon Sinuplasty for chronic sinusitis without general anesthesia
  • allergy testing and treatment
  • ear cleaning
  • hearing evaluation
  • treatment of severe infections and abscesses
  • insertion of ear tubes
  • procedures to relieve snoring
  • procedures to relieve nasal obstruction
  • procedures to diagnose and relieve dizziness
  • endoscopic evaluation of nose, sinuses, throat and vocal cords
  • cultures and biopsies

Alexander Sorin, M.D., F.A.C.S.
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Dr. Alexander Sorin, serving New Hyde Park, Lake Success, Great Neck, Manhasset, Port Washington, Roslyn, Jericho, Little Neck, Herricks, Westbury, Floral Park and the surrounding area.